90 stylish ankle tattoo ideas

The ankle tattoo is usually delicate, but this is not the rule. It has mystical meanings, such as the story of Ötzi, a 5300-year-old mummy who had stripes drawn on the area to combat pain. In India, women tattoo this area in preparation for marriage. And you, for what reason? Check out the beautiful pictures and get inspired!

1. The ankle is a great place for tattoos

2. It doesn’t matter if it is composed of words

3. If you say about your love for flowers

4. The ankle tattoo can be any way you want it!

5. The artwork for this region of the body can reflect your personality

6. It may have to do with something special to you

7. As something you really like and need to externalize

8. Or its hidden essence, who knows?

9. Although the pain is relative, it is worth having an ankle art

10. It can be a bolder design, that is your face!

11. Do you like to rock? Check this one out, then!

12. The most Indian models may be what you are looking for

13. If not, you can find an artwork that marks that region of the body

14. Ideas for this tattoo are varied

15. And only those who want an ankle tattoo know how difficult it is to choose

16. But don’t worry, we have lots of ideas around here!

17. Like beautiful roses, do you like them?

18. Your tattoo can be small and simple

19. You can have different shapes to your liking

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20. But there is one thing you can’t miss: your happiness with her

21. For a tattoo is made to brighten up life

22. And when it comes to one on the ankle, no way!

23. You can opt for more elaborate artwork

24. Or the one that suits you and your way

25. We know you will find your favorite inspiration

26. And when you least expect it, you’ll be bouncing with your new tattoo

27. It can go from the ankle down to the foot

28. It can and will be as you want it to be!

29. Anklets make the most success

30. And you know, we’re not talking about accessories!

31. There are also those very striking tattoos

32. But don’t forget that everything will depend on your personal style

33. After all, each one is each one and taste is something that cannot be discussed.

34. Regardless of your choice, we know you will be happy

35. And, for us, that’s what matters most!

36. Be a phrase tattoo on the ankle

37. Or that art with spiritual attachment

38. That leaves your ankle well marked

39. And even both. Hey, why not?

40. If you’re not too keen on pain, opt for a pointillism simple

41. Elements of the solar system, very tiny, are a good one!

42. And even a beautiful lotus flower, eh?

43. If you consider yourself very simple, look at this one!

44. Do you love kittens? Then you will love this

45. But if you have a strong mystical intuition, how about a potion?

46. We are curious to know what your ankle tattoo will look like

47. What inspirations will create your special art

48. And, of course, whether you will be happy with the result!

49. That is why we have brought you a multitude of ideas

50. For the more images, the more insights you can get

51. Even if it is a simple art

52. A delicate and beautiful ankle tattoo

53. If it makes you happy, we’ll be happy here too!

54. And you can make a very beautiful and colorful one, see?

55. But, if you’re not into color tattoos, go for black work

56. And go crazy with your new tattoo

57. After all, it’s not every day that we get a tattoo, right?

58. So, when you do yours, ask your tattoo artist to do it well

59. Because you deserve a beautiful artwork on your ankle

60. And don’t even dare to think otherwise, see?

61. Raminhos creates beautiful art for this region

62. And, of course, butterflies go great with flower ankle tattoo!

63. But it is you who decides what it will be!

64. What do you want to convey with this art?

65. How do you want people to see you?

66. Does it have a special meaning?

67. Ah, don’t worry if it’s just something you like

68. Art on the skin is love, it’s intuitive choice

69. It can remind you of a culture, like the Indian one

70. It can remind you of so many things, really

71. For a tattoo is also a guarded feeling

72. She can also tell about her faith in God

73. The truth is that it can be much more than a tattoo

74. Is an ankle tattoo everything you want most?

75. Then, believe me, you will have one on your skin

76. No matter the size, no matter the color

77. You will be able to plan one that is just right for you!

78. Your tastes will help you choose

79. And you will never regret your choice

80. Here’s a tip: think and choose with much love

81. For you can’t go back once it’s done, right?

82. With an ankle tattoo, there is no time for regrets

83. Put everything you love most into your art

84. And we’re sure you won’t go wrong with your choice

85. For you know how to choose beautiful things for your life

86. With a tattoo it wouldn’t be any different, right?

87. Exceed your expectations, do something that represents you

88. Do something that makes you happy and overflows your heart

89. For tattoo is style, but it is also symbolism of who we are

90. Show the best of yourself through your ankle tattoo!

Did you like the ankle tattoo ideas? Each one of them can inspire you to create your own unique artwork! And if you want to check out other tips, check out and fall in love with the inspirations from moon tattoo. We are sure you will love it!

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