Bird tattoos: 80 ideas for you to get inspired and get tattooed

Impossible to speak of a single meaning for the tattoo of birds. After all, it’s also impossible to think of just one thing when you come across these fascinating animals in nature.

While their flight is a great symbol of freedom, their song reminds us of beauty, their colors make us think of diversity, and their migration can be a metaphor for the search for change. And you, what do you usually think when you see a bird? Check out 80 tattoo inspirations and find the one that suits you best.

1. A nice thing is that birds make for very delicate tattoos

2. But not necessarily

3. After all, there is not only one kind of bird

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Sarah Herzdame

4. Just as there is not only one way to represent them

5. Tattooing flying birds, for example, is deservedly a classic

6. Referring to freedom

7. And that it looks beautiful on various parts of the body

8. Like on the back

9. On the forearm

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Ann Lilya

10. On the feet

11. Or even on the leg

12. Another way to represent birds is next to something beautiful and/or tasty

13. Like next to fruit

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Felipe Mello

14. Or of some flower

1672248773 365 Bird tattoo 80 ideas for you to get inspired and

Valley Hamburg

15. After all, birds are often part of landscapes

16. So it’s only fair to represent them in tattooing too

17. Whether through realistic drawing

18. Or more figuratively

19. Do you know another cool thing about birds?

20. Many species don’t like to live alone

21. What is a great excuse to tattoo more than one bird

22. Both in the same region of the body

23. How much in separate regions…

24. That come together in a strategic way

25. With the bird resting on a branch, the tattoo also looks delicate

26. And can be adapted to different shapes and sizes

27. Like big and colorful on thighs

28. Or very small and minimalist on the arm

29. Look how this one, on the back, is both eye-catching and delicate!

30. Birds can also be depicted carrying something in their beaks

1672248774 342 Bird tattoo 80 ideas for you to get inspired and

Tattoo Allison

31. A romantic element like a garland

32. Or even something more symbolic, like a bunch of keys

33. How about the key to your own cage?

34. As always, in tattooing, the style is up to you

35. Without outline, this bird tattoo is very delicate

36. Like this more realistic tattoo on the rib

37. The geometric style can appear in an origami bird

38. Or even as a complement to other tattoo styles

39. For example, by creating a kind of frame for other drawings

1672248775 310 Bird tattoo 80 ideas for you to get inspired and

Ann Lilya

40. Whether they are well delimited or not

41. Also for delicate tattoos, the watercolor style works very well

42. Although it is more realistic and resembles a painting

1672248775 142 Bird tattoo 80 ideas for you to get inspired and

Gustavo Baseggio

43. Speaking of realism, the technique can be mixed with pointillism

44. Old school tattoos are fun and can carry powerful messages

45. Equally classic, the blackwork style stands out for its versatility

46. With bird tattoos that can be delicate

47. Most notable

48. Or standing midway between the delicate and the intriguing

49. Blackwork can even be given a touch of color

50. How about an oriental-influenced tattoo?

51. Or a colorful, graphically styled one?

52. The gray wash style works well with realistic drawings

53. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to combine techniques and designs

1672248775 167 Bird tattoo 80 ideas for you to get inspired and

Nhanna Scott

54. Just as you shouldn’t be afraid to bet on “different” birds

55. And not only with regard to the species of the bird

56. After all, who says it needs to be real?

57. The bird can, for example, resemble a Tibetan painting

1672248776 172 Bird tattoo 80 ideas for you to get inspired and

Pitta Kkmv

58. For those who like series, this one may refer to the three-eyed raven from Game of Thrones

59. And the pencil bird appears in Alice in Wonderland

60. Already this bird emits its own light

61. Even more playful, this bird is also quite unique

62. Like this one, which mixes several techniques

63. Of course, it is also possible to print a lot of style on a real bird

64. As in hummingbird tattoos

65. From a nice parakeet

66. From an orange corrupion

67. And, why not, a very tropical toucan?

68. The choice of place for the bird tattoo should also be well thought out

69. The back, for example, functions as a large canvas

70. While the bird tattoo on the hands can be bold and delicate

71. On the collarbone, the tattoo also looks very charming

72. With two birds on the same thigh, the result is striking

73. But it is also possible to combine two designs, one on each thigh

74. Whenever possible, it’s nice to have the bird interact with the tattoo location

75. As in this one, where the bird makes a low flight from the shin to the feet

76. The cool thing about this bird tattoo on the shoulder is that it also goes around the neck

77. While in this one, one of the birds seems to want to fly off the back

78. As is also the case with this tattoo of a wounded but moving on bird

79. Elegant, this bird tattoo on the rib skirts the breast

80. Finally, a blackwork tattoo inspiration that takes advantage of the shin

So, ready to let the urge to get a bird tattoo take flight?

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