Butterfly Tattoo: 200 ideas to get you in the mood for tattoos

Delicacy, femininity, transformation, freedom: the tattoo The butterfly tattoo imprints these characteristics on those who get it. For those who are thinking about getting a tattoo and don’t know what to tattoo, the butterfly can be a great option since, besides the aforementioned characteristics, it has a huge variety of designs, opening a range for all styles.

In the following list, check out several butterfly tattoo options, from colorful, small and delicate, to designs that will surprise you and make you want to get a tattoo.

Butterfly tattoo on the thigh

The thigh, for being a place that escapes from the common for tattoos, wins the preference of women who want something original, striking and full of personality. There, it is possible to make drawings in pairs, using both legs or only one butterfly. Take advantage that the area offers plenty of space and invest in originality.

1. A butterfly tattoo on the thigh impresses

2. Two then make you want to imitate

3. The butterfly is a design that goes with many colors

1672267328 481 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Lewis Carter

4. But it also looks beautiful in black and white

5. Vary the design and make something that suits your personality

6. There are butterflies for all tastes

7. With heart and branches, a special touch in your butterfly tattoo

1672267330 963 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood


8. The bright colors make this tattoo more cheerful

9. Butterflies and flowers are the perfect combination

10. How about a printed butterfly!

11. Pairing butterflies is the choice of many women

12. Who thinks the butterfly tattoo is too delicate, is because he has not seen this

13. A butterfly tattoo on the thigh can be full of meanings

14. The thigh calls for more striking tattoos

1672267332 636 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood


15. But they do not exclude the more delicate

16. Watercolored butterflies are also among the favorites

17. For a change, make your butterfly on the back of your thigh

18. You may also want to make a butterfly flapping its wings

19. Or in identical pairs, which look stylish

The options go beyond the 19 designs presented above. Choose the butterfly that suits you best and tattoo it on your thighs to imprint your personality.

Butterfly Tattoo on Thighs back

Your butterflies can also take shape on your back. The advantage of getting tattooed on this spot is that it is inconspicuous, helping you not to get sick of your butterflies. The tattoo can be very striking, full of colors and details. Choose the one you like the most among the options below.

20. She doesn’t have to come alone

21. May come with flowers

22. But it can also come with a skull

23. You can add a letter to honor someone

24. Or come in very colorful for those who like bright tattoos

25. The center back is a great option

26. Small tattoos fit in this area of the body

27. But large butterfly tattoos also fit

28. A delicate tattoo is the choice of many women

29. The colorful drawing draws more attention

30. But it can also be discreet and delicate

31. For those who like music and butterfly there is also an option

32. There is no lack of diversity

33. There are several types of butterfly

34. You can’t help but fall in love with some

1672267338 477 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Monize de Paula

35. In this one, the rose gave the special touch

1672267338 766 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood


36. Butterflies may seem to fly on your back

37. Or merging with other drawings

38. Make your butterfly tattoo unique

1672267339 187 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Raphaelly Costa

39. That has your face and your personality

40. After all, there are many ideas

41. And one more charming than the other

42. You don’t have to make just one butterfly

43. Draw inside her to get exclusive

44. Tree of life and butterflies, why not?

45. Fill your back with the butterfly

46. Watercolors are on the rise

47. Close up the back with butterflies and flowers

48. A butterfly balloon is also a great idea

49. This holds a unique symbology

50. There is an option for butterfly collectors

51.And for those who want a unique design

52. Every style calls for a tattoo

From the most delicate, to the most impressive, with so many options it is hard to know which one appeals most.

Butterfly Tattoo on Leg

Besides the thigh, it is also possible to tattoo your butterfly on other parts of the leg. Tattoos only in black or in color, large or small, any alternative looks perfect on this part of the body. Get inspired with the most varied options below.

53. For the indecisive: half butterfly, half flower

54. The butterfly does not always appear in delicate designs

55. She may seem to be landing on your ankle

56. There is also a way to mix butterfly and psychology

57. Tattoo the butterfly in the middle of your leg

1672267346 167 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Tattoo 13

58. Or on the calf

59. If you prefer, you can choose to tattoo on the side

60. Or very close to the ankle

61. A traditional butterfly for classic women

62. Who also love black and white butterflies

63. The shadow play makes it look like she is flying

64. For those who won’t settle for just one, you can make two

65. A pair of identical tattoos

66. You can also make three

67. Or several butterflies

68. But, a solitary butterfly also looks beautiful

69. The butterfly on the leg can come in medium size

70. As well as in a smaller size

71. Here, it appears accompanied by a name and flowers

72. The scratches make the butterfly look like a drawing on paper

73. This tattoo is the very delicate

74. And this one brings those intense, vivid colors

75. For this one watercolor was the choice

1672267352 186 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Mani Broowns

76. No matter the colors, the colorful butterfly is the choice of many

These are designs that fill the eyes of tattoo amateurs, and the options are so many that even those who are not such fans get the urge to get tattooed.

Butterfly tattoo on shoulder

Another area that is very sought after by women for tattooing is the shoulder. The location is ideal for more delicate tattoos, and can be done on both the front and back of the shoulder. It is also a great place to get your butterfly landing.

77. The shoulder is the choice of many women

78. The place provides beautiful tattoos, like this butterfly

1672267352 340 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Extreme Ink Tattoo Studio

79. The 3D effect is even more amazing on the shoulder

80. In the region, one can get very complete tattoos

81. It doesn’t have to be just a butterfly

1672267353 333 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Angel Fei

82. Butterflies and flowers also look great on the shoulder

83. More delicate butterflies can be tattooed

84. Butterfly lovers are left undecided with so many alternatives

1672267354 25 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Tolga Özer

85. You can make realistic butterflies

86. May seem to be landing on your shoulder

87. Or more abstract butterflies

88. The important thing is to fall in love with tattooing

89. Make your tattoo with some details

90. The closer you look, the more impressive the tattoo becomes

91. Opt for the back of the shoulder if you don’t want to see the tattoo all the time

92. In the front you can admire it all the time

1672267357 650 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood


93. In this one, flower and butterfly complement each other

1672267357 197 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Anthony Benjamin

94. And in this one, flower and butterfly look like a single design

95. The little butterfly duo looks charming

96. You can choose a red butterfly

97. Or two blue butterflies

98. Creativity gives you many possibilities to create your butterfly tattoo

1672267358 530 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Crystal Tattoo

99. The most important thing is that it matches your personality

100. If you are more delicate, you may prefer a tattoo like this

101. If you have a stronger personality, a very colorful tattoo can represent you

102. But you can’t help but notice how unique each tattoo is

103. Be it more creative or just a butterfly

Dare and get a couple of tattoos or create a design full of color, no matter your preference, on the shoulder all butterflies look charming.

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Some people imagine that a small butterfly is something common and that the options for creations are few. However, after checking out the various images below, you will come to the conclusion that it is possible to make a unique small butterfly that portrays what you want to get across with the tattoo.

104. Butterflies are the perfect design for small tattoos

105. For the variety of shapes that can be drawn

106. For being delicate and feminine

107. And for looking beautiful on any part of the body

108. They may be accompanied by a written

109. From some other drawing

1672267362 980 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Jian Tattooer

110. Or just several little butterflies

1672267362 28 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Teresa Maurone

111. The options of where to tattoo her are numerous

112. It can come on the leg

113. On the finger, very small

114. In the slightly larger hand

115. On the arm, two side by side

116. And on the wrist, one of the favorite places

117. Make the butterflies come out of a book

118. Or go for the color

119. If you prefer, you can also make the butterfly in black and white

120. Tenderness reigns in small tattoos

121. For these tattoos, the tattooist has to be a professional

122. The strokes need to be firm

123. He may be an expert in colorful drawings

124. Or in shades of black

125. Another very popular place is the foot

126. Make one or several butterflies

127. Improve your originality

128. And find the little drawing that will make you happy

129. Know that there are options for all tastes

130. And that you may be enchanted by the drawings

131. Your butterfly can be anywhere in the world

132. It can even be in very hidden places

133. Or in places easy to find

134. Even in large places

135. What matters is that the delicacy of the butterfly enchants you

136. And make you want to tattoo one

Impossible not to be charmed by the delicacy of small butterflies. But there are more options below for those who haven’t found their ideal tattoo yet.

Butterfly tattoo on foot

The foot is one of the favorite places for tattoo lovers and tattooing a butterfly on the foot shows femininity. In the area it is possible to do everything from the tiniest tattoos, to a butterfly that starts on the foot and goes all the way to the leg. See the most varied options below.

137. Foot and butterfly are the perfect combination

138. You are wrong if you think these are delicate drawings

139. It is possible to merge several elements

140. And make a unique tattoo

141. Or a simple butterfly

142. The tattoo on the foot doesn’t necessarily have to be on the instep

143. Make a butterfly that occupies the whole foot

1672267372 527 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

David De La O. BUTTER

144. Or just a little butterfly

145. Choose to decorate it with arabesques

146. And put a lot of color

147. Tattoo will stand out when wearing heels

148. The tattoo can be made in various sizes

149. Or start at it and work your way down the instep

150. Butterflies may have a tribal footprint

1672267374 277 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Luis Henrique Plata

151. And be so realistic that they look real

1672267374 639 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Chad Rezk

152. A tattoo is beautiful even when the design is simple

153. But especially when it gains color and life

154. How about a set of butterflies?

155. Choose flowers and shapes

156. Colors and textures

1672267376 772 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Redditch Tattoo Studio

Beautiful and charming designs that can be done on the foot, and in addition to these, you can create something unique that expresses your feelings, your personality, and your will.

Butterfly Tattoo on Arm

Targeted by many women to bring their butterfly tattoo to life, the arm is the place with the most inspirations for getting your butterfly tattoo. Large tattoos, colorful ones, multiple butterflies, no matter what you are looking for, there are options for all tastes.

157. The arm is the place that many people choose

158. Butterflies get unique shapes and designs

159. The possibilities of place favor creativity

160. Offering opportunities to get a unique tattoo

161. Butterflies do not need to occupy a large space

162. They can be very delicate, depending on the style of the person who makes them

163. The details that are added to the butterfly can make all the difference

1672267378 658 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Julia de Oliveira

164. Go for the details and get a full arm tattoo

165. There are several tattoo models to choose from

1672267379 308 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Julia de Oliveira

166. In this drawing, the pointillism and details make it unique

1672267379 261 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood


167. In this one, the delicacy of the colors and the strokes stand out

1672267379 640 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Camila Corrêa

168. For those who are after something simple, there is no shortage of options either

169. The butterfly can symbolize transformation

170. Invest in tattoos that work on the smallest details

171. That imprint your personality

172. And that makes you want to show everyone

173. After all, tattooing on the arm is quite visible

1672267381 499 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Old London Road Tattoos

174. Add flowers and strokes for a special touch to your design

175. Create with your will a special design

176. Use both arms to bring “love” and “life” together

177. See how incredible the designs that can come up are

178. Poetize with your butterflies

179. Or just bet on your drawing

180. In this one, the drawing seems to be done in pencil

181. The rose stands out, but the butterfly is there

182. With the perfect strokes, the butterfly comes to life, even in black

183. The beauty of this butterfly is in the smallest details

184. As in this tataugem, whose details do not go unnoticed

185. The tattoo on the arm may be very close to the hand

186. Or in the biceps

187. Can also be done on the forearm

188. You can make a big tattoo by combining it with a knife

1672267386 720 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Victor Baia

189. Or a more discreet tattoo, with a butterfly and some sprigs

1672267386 371 Butterfly Tattoo 200 ideas to get you in the mood

Melina Kirst

190. Flowers and butterfly are not wrong

191. Different colors and shapes for your butterfly collection

192. A work of art in the form of a tattoo

193. For a change, make a butterfly inside the lamp

194. Or choose the delicacy of this butterfly

195. There is no lack of ideas for your tattoo

196. Drop a bucket of various paints on your tattoo

197. Or make a beautiful garden, with flowers and butterflies

198. Even unlikely combinations can come alive in your arms

199. All you have to do is choose the design you like the most

200. And find a professional who meets your requirements

Whether it’s on the arm, leg or foot, whether it’s a big butterfly or a small butterfly, creativity can run wild that there is a way to turn your wish into a beautiful butterfly tattoo.

The 200 images above show how much variety there is in this world of tattooing, and that a simple butterfly can turn from the most delicate tattoos, to super striking designs. If these images did not convince you to get a tattoo, there are other articles here on the site that can help you choose your next tattoo.

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