Cardi B No Makeup

cardi b with no makeup

As you know, we love to scrutinize the makeup of our favorite celebrities. But what we also love is to know their beauty secrets, to know more about their private life, and to see how the stars look like without makeup! After Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson, we talk today about a famous rapper Cardi B. Always ultra made-up and pimped out, do you know what Carbi B looks like without make-up? Discover in pictures the photos and information about the young woman known worldwide.

A beauty rapper who does not hesitate to show herself without makeup

Cardi B No Makeup


In addition to her talents as a rapper, Cardi B is a beauty queen for her followers. She is always perfectly made up, dressed, with her nails done with a nail art 2.0 trend, her hair perfectly straightened, etc. In short, she literally loves everything that touches the world of beauty and it shows.

For all that and although most of her fans dream of seeing a photo of Cardi B without makeup, the star does not hide her face naturally. She is indeed quite transparent and does not hesitate to show herself without makeup. Moreover, she causes many reactions from her detractors when she posts photos of her natural face.

Faced with these criticisms, the beauty does not let herself be dismantled and intends to make clear to all those who criticize her, that without makeup we all have the same problems (or almost). She assures to feel very well in her skin and not to pay attention to those who wish to demoralize her ! Bravo Cardi B! We can only agree with this way of thinking.

Courageous, and sometimes even shameless, Cardi B thus connects the videos and photos of her without makeup to show everyone her beauty routine. Also, if you want to see her more real than natural, just follow her on her Instagram account to get an accurate view of her face au naturel. You will see that like all women on this earth, she has her worries with sometimes acne or dry skin as she often complains about..


The sultry Cardi B

Cardi B No Makeup

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Basically, it’s quite difficult to imagine her without make-up. Why is that? Because if you know her at all, you know that she’s always dressed to the nines. In a dress style comparable to Kim Kardashian, the gorgeous young woman is very glamorous with sexy outfits and very pronounced make-up. In fact, she uses the Lebanese make-up technique, a very popular star make-up.

On her Instagram account @iamcardib, she surfs between bling bling photos and rapper style. She recently became the ambassador of Reebok with a special collaboration in which she presents her trainer! She is not always in a tight dress, but also in jogging and trainers to represent her universe.

The rapper is often compared to Nicki Minaj, a woman with whom they can’t stand each other.


Without make-up and waking up in the morning, Cardi B has just shared a beautiful message of self-acceptance on social networks.

Cardi B is the kind of person who doesn’t neglect her appearance. Always perfectly dressed, she is flirtatious and enjoys taking care of herself. The American rapper loves everything to do with beauty. She takes advantage of social networks to share with her followers her latest and most extravagant manicures, hairstyles, make-up… However, Cardi B is not afraid to show herself naturally on Instagram. She regularly posts pictures of herself without any artifice. These are photos and videos that we love, but which sometimes provoke criticism from her haters.


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“You can’t demoralise me”.

Last week, Cardi B set the record straight by sharing a beautiful message on her Instagram account. The mother-of-one published a post – with a very inspiring caption – including two videos. In this one, she addresses the haters: “You all take pictures or videos of me without makeup (…) and you’re like, ‘Oh, look at Cardi, she looks weird without makeup. This is me without make-up, without a filter. You know, you can see the little blemishes on my face, you can see my lips that I’ve been biting on all night. I woke up 20 minutes ago, I haven’t even brushed my hair. Cardi B also took the opportunity to let it be known that she feels great about herself. “I’m great, I’m happy (…) You can’t get me down, I’m going to stay on top with this face, with this natural face. A few words that we should all repeat to ourselves on a daily basis!

What you want to know about Cardi B

Cardi B No Makeup

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Cardi B History

The first thing to know is that the star has taken a stage name! Yes, Cardi B’s real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar! She became known on social networks via Instagram and Vine. With her growing popularity, she then participated in a reality show experience in 2015 before launching a musical career. Her first album was a real success, even setting records in terms of streaming views. It went platinum. She went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, a first for a female solo rapper.

Yet nothing predestined her to live this life. When she was younger, she was a cashier and then a stripper. She says that this period of her life saved her because she went back to school at the same time as she started stripping to get out of poverty.

How Old Is Cardi B?

Many people wonder how old Cardi B is. Born in 1992, she is now 30 years old.

Where is Cardi B from?

Her father is from the Dominican Republic and her mother is from around Venezuela, specifically Trinidad and Tobago. Cardi was born in the United States in the Bronx, New York City.

Cardi B’s private life

Cardi B is bisexual. After dating rapper Offset for a year and marrying him in secret, she became pregnant with their first child in 2018. They welcomed a baby girl named Kulture Kiari Cephus. But a few months later, the couple split up. Yet they reappeared together at the Grammys only two months later. In 2021, they gave birth to their second child, a baby boy.

Although Cardi B is not a model of natural beauty, the star amazes us. Despite plastic surgery, excessive make-up and ultra sexy looks, she dares to show herself without make-up and assumes her flaws without hiding.