Cat tattoos: 85 ideas to fall in love and get inspired

If you are a cat lover, get ready, because the following images contain a high dose of cuteness! Kittens are affectionate, smart, cute, and very, very companionable animals. It’s no wonder that those who own one are completely in love with them and treat them like a true member of the family. And to repay all this love, how about eternalizing your pussy on your skin by getting a cat tattoo?

There is no shortage of inspirations for this. You can draw your own cat or, if you lack ideas, we have selected 85 tattoos that you and your pet are sure to love!

Meaning of the cat tattoo

Cats are free-spirited animals, so the cat tattoo can symbolize independence, speed and freedom. The cat also has mythological significance. In ancient Egypt she was considered a deity and a symbol of fertility and motherhood. But, the tattoo can also have a sentimental meaning, serving as a tribute to a pet that was missed.

85 cat tattoo pictures to die of love

If they are already passionate in real life, add an extra dose of cuteness and put it on paper. Come be inspired – and sigh – with each of these cat tattoos!

1. Cats are one of the cutest species in the animal kingdom

2. You can’t look at these animals and not die of love

3. So why not eternalize this passion?

4. How about having the charm of these animals on your skin?

5. Maybe it’s this playful and clumsy way of being

1672248458 443 Cat tattoo 85 ideas to fall in love and get


6. The lazy way

7. Or the grace with which they fall asleep

8. Who has a cat is in love, there’s no way!

9. Don’t you just want to caress that little tummy?

10. A kitten amidst flowers raises the level of cuteness!

11. Look how amazing this cat with a wreath on his head!

12. A beautiful black cat full of charm and mystery

13. Many owners design their own kittens

14. The drawing looks beautiful in color

15. With a nice shading

16. Some people prefer more minimalist versions

17. Or full of colors and details

18. You can almost feel the purr…

1672248459 682 Cat tattoo 85 ideas to fall in love and get


19. Cats can take on a variety of characters, too!

20. Be a holy cat…

21. …a catfish

22. A Brave Astronaut Cat

23. A witch-cat, straight from the Harry Potter books

24. A Reader-Cat

25. Or even a Batgato!

26. Do you remember the cat Marie from the Disney movie?

27. Or how about this one, made in origami format?

28. Geometric shapes draw them very well

29. Look at this pose!

30. Curvilinear lines represent its charm

31. The quiet walk

32. The way to stretch

33. How not to recognize this snout?

34. A cat in few but striking strokes

35. Find the kitten

36. What about a hand, or rather a paw?

37. A tattoo that looks like a work of art

38. But she can also have very realistic features

39. Who said that black cat brings bad luck?

40. The owners also join in the demonstration of love

41. A tattoo that conveys feelings

42. A companion for all hours

43. The girl and her cat: a love story!

44. For those who like small tattoos

45. A very minimalist muzzle

46. A kitten with only one line

47. Another with several lines

48. Cats love to relax in the summer!

49. These seem to form a yin-yang and make the tattoo mystical

50. The mandala also adds more meaning to the tattoo

51. Charming Egyptian cat!

52. And the detail of those little brown spots?

1672248460 62 Cat tattoo 85 ideas to fall in love and get

Sherman Milone

53. Have you ever thought about drawing your felines?

54. The tattoo can be done in partnership

55. The pets in the house… so there won’t be any jealousy

56. They can get along very well!

57. And you can keep on tattooing as the family gets bigger

58. And eternalize even those who were missed

59. Can you imagine such a feline family?

60. Each one with his own way…

61. …with one eye of each color

62. That little face they make when they get affection

63. No matter which part of the body they will be in

64. A relationship of friendship

65. That penetrating look drawn on the hand

66. An equilibrist cat

67. Looking at the stars…

1672248461 489 Cat tattoo 85 ideas to fall in love and get

Zuz Doubravová[/caption

68. …ou um gato estelar

1672248461 582 Cat tattoo 85 ideas to fall in love and get PAULA DAME

69. …who lives in the world of the moon

70. This one looks like it was drawn with chalk

71. A fashion cat

72. Friends united by a passion

73. Look at the perfect combination for those who love cats and music!

74. A cat and a coffee. Can you resist?

75. The passion for the Siamese cat

76. One is too little and two is too much love!

77. A very feminine drawing

78. Delicate strokes and several details

79. That real life scene… those who have cats know!

80. Companions for all hours

81. A watercolor of cats

82. The reality is that cats are really lovable

83. For those who love these felines, the world is theirs…

84. And even the meow inspires

85. After all, these pussies reign supreme, don’t they?

1672248462 446 Cat tattoo 85 ideas to fall in love and get


One tattoo is more beautiful than the other, isn’t it? Now there is no lack of inspirations to have these cuties always with you. But besides kittens, dogs are also good and faithful companions. Why not have them forever too? Check out ideas for a dog paw tattoo and show your love for animals!

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