50 cleavage tattoo ideas full of charm and personality

These inspirations from tattoo between the breasts are beautiful. They enhance any décolletage but can also be easily covered up on a daily basis, if you want to hide them. The technique can also be called underboob tattoo, precisely because of the place where it is done. Find your favorite design to have one that looks like you forever on your skin.

1. The tattoo between the breasts is beautiful and very versatile

2. You can choose between a discrete design

3. Or more flashy

4. She looks very charming in necklines

5. And in more open blouses

6. The length may end near the breasts

7. Or go to the navel

8. Mandalas look very beautiful in this space

9. And they have several types of combinations

10. In the longest stroke you can include several elements

11. And small symbols are ideal for those who don’t want to show too much

12. There are several minimalist ideas

13. That look beautiful and delicate

14. And why not unite two elements that you like?

15. The fine lines look very sophisticated

16. And they allow you to mix designs without overdoing it

17. Choose a design that follows the shape of your breasts

18. For the tattoo to be very symmetrical in this location

19. The idea of continuity looks wonderful

20. Elements of nature are great design options

21. Like the moon

22. Or the sun

23. Choose something that means something to you

24. Like a crystal full of good energies

25. Or a butterfly to represent transformation

26. The finer the line, the more discreet the tattoo

27. The result is very harmonious and smooth

28. And if you want to show off, go for thicker strokes

29. Or broader designs

30. They look amazing combined with the symmetry of the woman

31. The rose looks very elegant

32. And the flowers can be created in many unusual ways

33. Dots and dashes make the design more interesting

34. And they make incredible combinations

35. You can apply the design by going around a breast

36. Or filling both sides

37. The lengths are quite varied

38. And they depend on each one’s taste

39. There are no rules for size and thickness

40. Tattoo draws even more attention in bikinis

41. And looks great with a touch of color

42. Choose a drawing that represents you

43. And may it be part of your history

44. Be they flowers and mandalas

45. Or snakes

46. After all, this animal fits this part of the body very well

47. Any tattoo between the breasts looks amazing

48. They show the strength and delicacy of women

49. Besides being a differential in your look

50. And be part of who you are!

It will be hard to choose just one option. But if you’re still unsure about doing something definitive, venture out with these fun options from henna tattoo.

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