Dog tattoo: 80 ideas to eternalize the love for your pet

How can you not love dogs? Cheerful, loyal and playful, they are everything we humans desire in a companion. Thanks to these characteristics, nowadays dogs are like family members. So, how about getting a dog tattoo to eternalize your love for your pet? Check out dozens of ideas for you to get inspired!

1. Puppy or lion cub?

Dog tattoo 80 ideas to eternalize the love for your


2. Extreme reality and cuteness

3. Ah, the complicity between dog and master

4. When words are not enough

5. The faithful portrait

6. 1 is too little, 2 is good, 3 is too much

7. This one, apparently, loved the homage

8. A dog tattoo can be delicate

9. And also funny

10. The doguinhos exhale love

11. And bring color to our days

12. Some always live in the world of the moon

13. That flawless minimalist

14. A tribute to those who are gone

15. Without a doubt, the best friend

16. A drawing on the paw

17. Each beautiful composition

18. A Childhood Love

19. The more the merrier

20. Some have so much personality that they sometimes seem human

21. The cutest parts of the body

22. Psychedelic

23. Fine strokes to define a great love

24. So enlightened

25. They even look like movie artists

26. They mark our life

27. The favorite word is always “stroll”.

28. Names as tasty as themselves

29. Some even look like little wolves

30. Who can resist that smile?

31. Camaraderie is what defines

32. Dogs are partners

33. And great at making a charm

34. No matter the race, they are all friends and companions

35. As simple as flowers

36. All they think about is food

37. They have even become party artifacts

38. How precise!

39. They know how to be cute

40. Some are quite agile

41. And they do a lot of stunts

42. It’s easy to be creative with their charm

43. And with that longing look in his eyes too

44. Accompany us at all times

45. They are true angels in our lives

46. Full of life, like sunflowers

47. They deserve all our care and love

48. After all, they are always by our side

49. Some people also like cats, and there’s no problem with that

50. Beautiful blue eyes

51. Beautiful muzzle

52. Our protectors

53. Which we are keen to protect as well

54. Creativity runs wild

55. Simple and representative

56. What to say about this delicate mama?

57. Exhale joy

58. They leave their mark wherever they go

59. To a good understanding, half a stroke is enough

60. They can tell when you are sad

61. They are so cute

62. And playful

63. They deserve to be in visible places

64. In our imagination, they are whatever we want them to be

65. “Autumn is always the same, the leaves fall in the yard”

66. The dog and the ballerina

67. A radical dog

68. They also think about life

69. Doggie or rice dumpling?

70. There is no better place for a dog than in the arms of its owners

71. Actually, their presence is enough

72. And this feeling is reciprocal

73. Who can resist that look?

74. Some of them are very stressed. They bark and bark and bark

75. And they have pretty little paws

76. More photogenic than many people

77. Lazy

78. Eater

79. Happy

80. And full of love to give

Did you like the ideas? If you want to get your puppy tattooed, be sure to also check out our realistic tattoos!

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