65 flower tattoos to get inspired and choose yours

Flowers are very popular designs when we talk about tattoos, either among those who prefer small and delicate tattoos or those who bet on large designs and in more visible places. “The most tattooed flowers are roses, sunflowers, peonies, and country flowers in general,” comments the tattoo artist Mabi Areal.

A lotus flowerwhich has a very spiritual meaning is also very popular. However, flowers don’t need to exist in nature to exist in tattoos: “I also love making up flowers, so I often do that and clients like the idea,” says the tattoo artist.

As for the technique, it all depends on personal taste and there are plenty of options. For those who want a very delicate tattoo, for example, Mabi recommends: “In black and gray, with shadows made with a fine needle it is very delicate.” Other techniques such as pointillism, watercolor, realism and geometric drawing can be used. See a selection of photos for you to get inspired and save as reference for your tattoo:

Delicate flower tattoos

Full of charm and delicacy, these tattoos are super feminine and can be done in more discreet places. It’s worth remembering that delicate tattoos don’t necessarily have to be small, they can also be larger and made with fine lines.






















Striking flower tattoos

Colorful, black and gray, watercolor, and very striking. These are amazing tattoo options for women who are not afraid to dare.

























Rose Tattoos

The rose is perhaps the most classic flower, however, tattoos with this flower can also escape from the ordinary. They can feature differentiated techniques and colors that do not exist in nature, but can exist in a beautiful tattoo.


















When getting a tattoo, remember that this is a very important choice, so it is paramount that the design meets your taste and that the chosen professional meets your expectations. Flower tattoos are versatile, timeless, and if you want a flower tattoo, you will certainly find a design and technique that are just right for you. And if you want flower options, how about taking a look at some sunflower tattoos?

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