Hand tattoos: 90 ideas for those who don’t want to hide their tattoos

The lovers of tattoo people always wonder which part of their body will receive a new design. Tattoos on the hand, although it is quite common for those who already have numerous arts spread over the skin, is not so considered by the more delicate ones, since it is an area almost impossible to hide.

However, the list below proves that there are hand tattoo options for all styles, and even the most discreet will want to see these designs all the time. Check it out:

1. The tattoo on the hand can be a plus if you combine it with rings and other accessories

2. But even if you don’t like to wear many rings, the tattoo itself brings a special style

3. You can get a lot of attention with a creative design

4. What matters is not to leave creativity aside when it comes to tattooing your hands

5. It is also possible to tattoo the palm of the hand, giving a very different touch to the design

6. Who says you can’t go all out with the colors because it’s a very apparent location?

7. Or that floral tattoos don’t go with that part of the body?

8. But if you’re the discreet type, there are also options to apply to your hand

9. How about joining some writing with colorful flowers?

10. Or create a very heavy design with black tones?

11. Look at these very fine lines that bring delicacy to the design

12. And this jellyfish, exquisite in shading and details

13. You can choose to tattoo only your fingers as well

14. Or create designs that can dispense with the use of any accessories

15. This tattoo can even replace a ring!

16. These colorful lines are VERY delicate and creative

17. How about this star matching the bracelets and arm tattoos?

18. What about this mandala full of beautifully applied details?

1672213910 298 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont


19. There is also a way to make your colors and techniques more sophisticated and combine the nail polish with the tattoo

20. An amazing line to complement the tattoos you already have on your hand

1672213910 87 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont

Bodine Ester

21. The white dots bring a sense of light to the design that is second to none

22. There are options for small roses, which look great for the side of the hands

23. Rings on every finger but the one adorned with this amazing tattoo

24. Check out this cool idea of tattooing a leafy branch around the finger

25. If you want to attract attention, there’s how to start the tattoo on the arm with extension to the hand

26. But don’t forget to think the design through, since it won’t be hidden

27. Even if it’s a small tattoo, you should be VERY pleased with the design

28. How about that Indian inspiration?

29. You can also engrave messages on the hands, since it is an easy place to see them all the time.

30. Or create a tattoo that fills most of the skin

31. But that doesn’t mean that unfilled tattoos are not allowed, ok?

32. In fact, everything is allowed, even drawing the constellation of your sign

33. Writing on the sides of the fingers are discreet ideas full of attitude

34. And there is still room for those who seek to illustrate faith

35. Flowers will never go out of fashion and usually result in beautiful tattoos, like this one

36. You can tattoo the symbols that make the most sense for your life

1672213915 116 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont

Sb Tattoo Home

37. Or go for the font choice and mark words like “resilience”.

1672213915 156 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont


38. This drawing is a representation of the balance between reason and emotion

39. And this one is an option for those who love leaves and don’t know how to show it

40. Abstract and Indian designs go very well with the hands and are fashionable

41. Are you a cat mom? There are options for you too!

42. You can take advantage of the tattoo on the hand and close the arm at once

43. And also to enhance the shaded and dense strokes

44. And speaking of shading, check out this WONDERFUL artwork

45. And this one, which unites an imposing rose and a very delicate rosary

46. Pointillism tattoo? We love it too!

47. And these fine lines that form a very creative design? Perfect!

1672213918 743 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont

Lauren price

48. These symbols are delicate, understated, and stylish

49. And these adorn even more the hands of those who have a more hippie style

50. Ganesha’s tattoo continues to pay homage to this culture

51. Are you a fan of mandalas? How about getting one tattooed on your hand?

52. There are also ideas for fans of realistic portraits and drawings

53. And for you, who can’t be more discreet

54. The palm is an alternative for those who prefer to hide the tattoo on certain occasions

55. For lovers of Viking culture, you can tattoo runes on your fingers

56. And that lotus flower all stylized?

57. Spreading the word between the fingers is an old custom that is still in vogue

58. Do you envy those who lived at the time of Woodstock? Look at what a cool idea to demonstrate this!

59. Those who love their pets can eternalize this feeling in their hands in a creative way

60. Do you want a colorful tattoo? Hands are at your disposal

61. Delicacy in the fingers and boldness on the wrist

62. If you already have tattoos on your entire arm, combining the hand design is a great idea

63. This detail is very delicate and brings a special touch to the arm tattoo

64. A perfect option for those who want a big tattoo full of details

65. The designs that complement the nails are also very creative

66. This unique trace connects the fingertip to the arm tattoo

67. If you put a little extra care into nails also, your tattoos will look even cooler

1672213924 490 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont

Lara Lauper

68. Symmetrical designs look great anywhere on the body

69. Black filled tattoos can also be delicate

70. And speaking of delicate tattoos, there’s no need to describe this one, right?

71. The stem of this rose extends through the finger

1672213925 315 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont


72. This design is delicate and very stylish

73. The tattoo complements these nails, which are wonderful

74. But if you don’t want to keep doing your nails, this tattoo will do the trick

75. This abstract is perfect for the wrist and if the tattoo extends to the hand it is even better

76. Fine lines go with any design, don’t they?

77. Especially with the written tattoos

78. Accessories, beautiful nails and delicate tattoos. Need more?

1672213927 440 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont

Mikaella Xaud Belleza

79. Take advantage of the hand tattoo to combine symbols on the fingers as well

80. Look at this creative design to honor your best friend

81. And this one, extremely delicate, that sums up your passion for the stars?

82. The bright colors of this tattoo are sure to enhance your style

83. Just like this one, which unites diverse meanings in the same art

84. For the religious, look at this writing of “blessed by God”

85. Roses can also bring out very flashy colors in the old school style

86. And we couldn’t miss the butterfly tattoos

1672213929 321 Tattoo on the hand 90 ideas for those who dont

Syon Tattoo

87. And even less those of birds

88. There are hand tattoos for all tastes and styles

89. What matters is to let creativity flow, be yourself bold

90. Or the most delicate person on the streetcar!

See how many options for tattoos on the hand? Even if you are more discreet, don’t forget to consider a tattoo in this area if you like the idea. Just think carefully about the artwork and go to the tattoo artist you trust!

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