Henna tattoo: get to know the millennial art and get ideas to do yours

A tattoo henna has millennial origins straight from the East. In Indian culture, the art mehendias henna is known there, is common to adorn women’s hands, especially those of brides.

Here in Brazil, the henna concept has gained a differentiated adaptation and is, increasingly, invading the coast and other occasions. Check out, therefore, a practical guide about henna tattooing, with the main information and amazing pictures for possible inspiration.

What is a henna tattoo?

Henna tattooing is an art that, unlike traditional tattooing, marks the skin only temporarily. It originates from the Indian culture and its ink is the fruit of a small tree (called henna), from which a coloring extract is extracted that is also used to dye fabrics or hair.

Nowadays, in some cultures, other components are mixed to the extract of this plant that guarantee different textures and colors. Therefore, it is essential to take special care with this type of tattoo and always seek reliable professionals to avoid skin problems.

How is a henna tattoo done?

  1. Extract is taken from the dried leaves of the henna. These leaves are ground into a powder.
  2. This powder is mixed with water until it results in a thick paste – the tattoo ink.
  3. The drawing on the skin is done with a stencil. You can improvise with a pen or eye pencil.
  4. You cover the drawing with the henna ink using a brush or a special pen.
  5. The paste should dry completely, and after a good while, you remove the excess.

Although it sounds simple, the procedure should only be performed by professionals who know the proper measure of extract to apply to your skin.

How long does a henna tattoo last?

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The durability of a henna tattoo on the skin can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Part of the body where the henna was applied
  • Quality of the henna
  • Time the paste stayed on the skin before being removed
  • Care after application

A well done and well cared for tattoo can last from 20 to 30 days. It is certain that quality henna stays on the skin for at least a week.

50 henna tattoos to inspire you for next summer

Since, here in Brazil, the henna tattoo has gained its fame on the beaches, check out 50 inspirations for you to enjoy your vacation with even more style:

1. The henna can bring an extra touch to your hands

2. It can be applied to any part of the body

3. And also contemplate the most diverse designs

4. Because it is temporary, you can make a very bold design without fear

5. But you can also mark that very delicate design for a while

6. Speaking of delicacy, check out this gem

7. This design is creative and very stylish

8. Typical shoulder birds can be made in henna

9. Henna pleases and adds friends who don’t have the courage to get a permanent tattoo

10. And it can also bring a plus for mature skin on special occasions

11. There are henna options with colors

12. For pregnant women to mark a special moment

13. And after a while it gets a very different and rustic look

14. The advantage is that you can mark whatever part of the body you want

15. And get the tattoo that you would never have the courage to do if it were permanent

16. And also try out that design you’ve been thinking about getting tattooed one day

17. Hands are the most common places to get henna tattoo

18. But don’t stick to traditions and vary the places

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Concetta Fortugno

19. There is room for discreet tattoos

1672303567 16 Henna tattoo get to know the millennial art and get

Concetta Fortugno

20. And for the most worked ones too

21. There is henna in various colors

22. And various styles

23. White henna is a tradition for Indian brides

24. And the designs are mostly reminiscent of this rich and ancient culture

25. Make that mandala you like so much

26. Or that design that caught your eye

27. Keep the tradition of floral designs

28. The color of the tattoo after the removal of the shell becomes very interesting

29. Caprice your nails for an even more beautiful look

30. The delicacy of roses expressed in the hands

31. A whimsical design in the details to match the summer

32. Look at this tribute to cats in the most delicate way possible

33. This magnificent mirror is a tribute to Oxum

1672303570 268 Henna tattoo get to know the millennial art and get

Aila Sales

34. In Brazil, it is very common to get henna tattoos on beaches

1672303570 531 Henna tattoo get to know the millennial art and get

Kamilla Peixoto

35. Can you imagine what style this work of art would bring to the summer look?

36. Since the ink comes off and the procedure is painless, even children can get in on the act

37. You can opt for the famous lotus flower

38. Or pay homage to your beliefs

39. Simply unite creativity and style in a single design

40. Writings are always welcome

1672303571 420 Henna tattoo get to know the millennial art and get

Aline Simões

41. Gather your friends and see who is the most creative

42. An amazing design to celebrate the (re)birth

43. And this art that looks like a lie?

44. Henna, even if temporary, is not synonymous with sloppiness

45. She is an art that comes to please all tastes and styles

46. And further enhance the composition of the look

47. The important thing is to let creativity flow

48. Without fear of regretting later

49. Because one thing is certain

50. Even tentative, henna guarantees an amazing tattoo!

Henna tattoo: price

Henna has, on average, affordable prices in Brazil. On the coast, for example, you can find henna tattoos between R$15 and R$100, depending on the size, design, and details of the tattoo.

Even with tempting prices, always investigate the origin of the material used by the professional.


    • Do not touch, rub, scratch or scratch the henna tattoo for at least 15 minutes after application.
    • Do not touch the tattoo to anything and keep it, right after application, away from clothes and hair (ink stains!)
    • Keep your body warm so that the ink settles faster on the skin. You can, for example, drink something warm before the application.
    • Wrap the tattoo carefully using toilet paper. This prevents the peels from falling to the floor and staining the floor.
    • Do not wash the henna with soap for at least 24 hours.
    • Pass natural oils to moisturize the tattoo. Avoid chemical moisturizers so that there is no risk of the ink fading faster.
    • Never scratch the design.
    • In case of burning or reddish spots, consult a doctor immediately.

See how henna tattooing can be something very interesting? If you want to try this ancient Indian art, choose your favorite design, pay attention to the precautions, and look for a reliable professional!

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