Old school tattoo: 91 photos to make you fall in love with the technique

With strong lines and bright colors, the old school tattoo is one of the most popular among both women and men. The technique is characterized by simplicity in its design, drawn only with a strong outline and solid colors – sometimes with very light shading.

Below you will find a selection of more than 90 tattoo designs for old school. Get inspired!

1. Old school technique designs are full of attitude

2. Many of them carry the religious theme in their traces

3. Tigers and panthers are also very common

4. The colors are bright and vibrant

5. And the combinations are beautiful

6. There are also old school tattoo options in black and gray

7. Here, the colors are only in some details

8. “Blossom”

9. Drawings of women are also very common in this technique

10. How about investing in an old school tattoo on your leg?

1672250281 29 Old school tattooing 91 photos for you to fall in

Alexis Hepburn

11. Even with simple strokes, the drawing becomes a work of art

12. The delicacy of flowers

13. Few colors, but lots of beauty!

14. There are many flower shapes for you to draw on your skin

15. How about doing the sun and the moon on different legs?

16. Or, who knows, together in one single drawing

17. A full sky drawn on her leg

18. Red and yellow are enough for a lively tattoo

19. Let spring bloom on your arm

20. Mermaids also go well with old school technique

21. The moon, the clouds and many flowers

22. How about paying homage to your parents with an old school drawing?

23. Talk to your tattoo artist and create a unique design together

24. Look how beautiful this old school Princess Leia is

25. Can you imagine you and your pet in an amazing drawing?

26. The old school tattoo on the forearm is one of the most requested in the studios

27. The drawings become even more amazing with a mystical touch

28. If you prefer strong strokes, the old school technique is perfect

29. Here, red and black alone have done the trick

30. Look at how cute this little fox is ❤

31. It looks as beautiful as this delicate sewing machine

32. How about doing an old school rose on your back?

1672250290 921 Old school tattooing 91 photos for you to fall in

Fernanda Sirena

33. There are also small old school tattoo models

34. The black and gray designs are very charming

35. Much love for this delicate Frida Kahlo

1672250291 874 Old school tattooing 91 photos for you to fall in

Fernanda Sirena

36. What do you think of this one, a little more realistic?

37. An overflowing heart

1672250291 6 Old school tattooing 91 photos for you to fall in

Sebastian Espinoza

38. Or pierced by swords

39. Sacred Love

1672250292 489 Old school tattooing 91 photos for you to fall in

Renzo Barquin

40. A beacon to guide your paths

41. Here, a tribute to Mom with a drawing of her favorite plant

42. A more elaborate option that looks more like a painting on canvas

43. What do you think of this heart being struck by cupid?

44. Mermaids and skulls can yield amazing results

45. Your skin deserves an old school design

46. Like this beautiful butterfly

47. Honoring loved ones is also a great option

48. “The Birth of Venus”

49. Many old school tattoos on a closed arm

50. This is a very common design in the old school technique

51. The famous wolf in sheep’s clothing

52. Look how cute this kitten is

53. How about this colorful option?

54. Many flowers to beautify your skin

55. The woman who fell in love with the moon

56. Few details, but a lot of attitude

57. How about getting your first tattoo on your leg?

58. Many women choose to get all their tattoos in the same style

59. And the result is amazing

60. Mostly in the old school technique

61. Even on models without colors

62. Choose meaningful drawings

63. And, if you want, pair them with your tattoos

64. How about making a tribute with your grandmother’s portrait?

65. Or, who knows, register your faith

66. Your little friend also deserves a special place on your skin

67. A rocket

68. A couple

69. A swimmer

70. There are many possibilities for an old school tattoo

71. Roses look beautiful in the hands

72. And in the arms too!

1672250303 574 Old school tattooing 91 photos for you to fall in

Fernanda Sirena

73. Have you ever imagined tattooing your armpit?

1672250303 394 Old school tattooing 91 photos for you to fall in


74. How about this beautiful swallow?

75. Or that lovely sunflower?

76. The possibilities are endless!

1672250304 681 Old school tattooing 91 photos for you to fall in

Jheny Riot

77. “I am my own home”

78. The color red is present in most old school designs

79. What do you think of this option to do with your friends?

80. The old school tattoo is one of the most traditional

81. And she charms everyone with her simplicity

82. And beauty

83. Just let your creativity flow

84. To compose beautiful drawings

85. Be them in black and gray

86. Or full of color

87. How about getting your tattoo behind the ear?

88. Look how charming this flamingo is!

89. Choose your favorite drawing

90. The location of the tattoo

91. And surrender to the beauties of the old school technique!

See how many beautiful options for old school tattoos? Remember to always hire a trusted professional to do the design, after all, it will be marked on your skin forever.

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