Pointillism tattoo: 50 designs that bring art and style to the skin

Pointillism tattooing brings art and style to the body of the tattoo artist. Although it is laborious, the result is unique, with techniques that make each design more special. Below you will learn more about this art and get inspired by amazing drawings. Check them out!

The Pointillist Style

The pointillist style originates from impressionist painting and is characterized by the superimposition of dots, strokes, and shadows, bringing a sense of movement to the design. In tattooing, the process is done point by point, either with traditional machines or with innovative needles. It is a true art!

50 pointillism tattoo pictures to inspire you

Do you want to be inspired by works done with the pointillism technique? Then check out the selection below! In it, we have even separated the arts of award-winning professionals and famous for tattooing celebrities:

1. Pointillism tattoo can be cosmic

2. With reference to people’s faces

3. Combined with other ideas

4. Or even a beautiful delicate rose

5. You can do the tattoo on the leg

6. Or on the arms, with a touch of watercolor

7. It can be a very simple drawing

8. The style carries strokes and shadows, as in this mandala

9. And it is overdemanding to do

10. For it is done in the smallest detail

11. Connecting all the dots

12. And making your art amazing

13. A little snake looks beautiful

14. How about a horse behind the ear?

15. Or the combination of the phases of the moon

16. In a continuum with very thin lines

17. In pointillist style, the world is the limit

18. You can even make a bracelet

19. Or a charming hummingbird

20. And even decorate the moon with flowers

21. There is also the pointillist lion tattoo

22. And even a garden full of mandalas and flowers

23. Why not tattoo a witch?

24. Or interconnected mandalas?

25. The fingers of the hand are another recurring place

26. For the technique can stand out

27. But at the same time, being simple

28. Making the Design Amazing

29. And simple

30. Look at this mountain range on the wrist

31. What about this snake that turned into a bracelet?

32. You can even tattoo a unicorn on the rib

33. And a praying hand on the back of his head

34. Tattoos under the chest are a trend

35. And with pointillism tattoo, they make everything lighter

36. Even the bears get in on the act

37. You prefer a more hidden tattoo on the body

38. In more intimate parts

39. Where only you can often see

40. Or in plain sight?

41. That wolf on the back is perfect!

42. Here, animals reigned supreme in art

43. Look at this imposing hawk

44. And that shaded whale on the arm?

45. One artwork is more beautiful than the other

46. Even a phoenix can be made

47. The pointillist style is beautiful

48. Brings harmony to the body

49. And it can be greatly exploited by tattoo artists

50. Run now and make your tattoo with this technique!

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