Religious Tattoos: 70 ideas to show your faith

Religious tattooing is a great option for those who want to leave their faith marked on their skin. You can choose designs, phrases or symbols to symbolize your belief. To help you choose your design full of meaning, check out ideas from tattoos for women religious.

Religious tattoos and their meanings

A religious tattoo can carry several meanings depending on the religion. From the cross, which represents the love and sacrifice of Jesus for evangelicals and Catholics, to the infinity knot of Buddhism. Another option is the lotus flower, which represents divine birth and spiritual growth, in Buddhist and Hindu religions.

Thus, the symbols and meanings of religions are diverse. Each one representing a bit of faith. Whether it is a rosary or the image of Jesus himself, the important thing is to choose something that has a special meaning for you.

70 tattoo pictures to express your faith

Religious tattoos are quite varied, but those who tattoo them always have one element in common: faith. Check out dozens of ideas that will inspire you in choosing your design:

1. You can choose a phrase with a lot of meaning

2. And also tattoo a religious symbol

3. Or form the cross design with words

4. It can be a phrase that is important to you

5. Or a tattoo with a Bible passage

6. And names full of meaning

7. The dove design represents the Holy Spirit in Catholicism

8. Which can be very delicate

9. But an image full of power

10. A simple way to show your faith

11. The religious tattoo on the back is ideal for those who want discretion

12. Show all your devotion

13. It can be with a delicate religious tattoo

14. There are inspirations for every kind of faith

15. Whatever your religion

16. For the devotees of Mary, a beautiful inspiration

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Carolina Lima

17. The tattoo of Our Lady of Aparecida is a favorite among Catholic women

18. The patron saint of Brazil can be tattooed in several styles

19. And colors

20. Choose your saint or saint of devotion

21. The religious rosary tattoo is also a popular choice

22. Which may be accompanied by a verse

23. Or with some other design

24. Religious designs can be as diverse as possible

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Rodrigo Cassiano

25. Like the face of Jesus

26. Or a mixture of several symbols

27. Rosary with medal of Saint Benedict for protection

28. There are several powerful and faith-filled names

29. A delicate cross with flowers

30. The Lion of Judah is an option for those who are evangelicals

31. For umbandistas, we also have many inspirations

32. Iemanjá is one of the favorite drawings

33. It can be black

34. Or very colorful

35. A beautiful inspiration for an orixá tattoo

36. Saint George translates the syncretism between African religions and Catholicism

37. For the Buddhist religion, here is a perfect idea

38. Get inspired by this drawing

39. Ganesha for Hindu religion tattoos

40. You can customize with your own style

41. Religious tattoo with the word faith is very popular

42. A simple but meaningful word

43. Details make the difference

44. For Catholics, communion and the sepulcher

45. Religious tattooing can be done on the hand

46. A very appropriate place for the design of a rosary

47. You can never be too creative

48. You can use many ways to represent your faith

49. Roses and flowers are very common

50. Designs can be delicate

51. Or they can be quite elaborate and realistic

52. Phrases are ideas full of meaning

53. Songs that bring faith are also great ideas

54. Bible passages are perfect

55. You can choose your favorite psalm

56. Eternalize that passage that increases your faith

57. Or that phrase that guides you

58. The minimalist religious tattoo is very modern

59. With very discreet and sophisticated strokes

60. A little bit of color makes the difference in a simple tattoo

61. And makes the tattoo much more charming

62. You can unite special things in your life

63. Tattooing a prayer or mantra

64. Like St. Francis’ prayer

65. Regardless of the size of the tattoo

66. Or the place

67. Or even your religion

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Fabricia Oliveira

68. The religious tattoo is perfect for those who want to eternalize their faith

69.The important thing is that the tattoo represents what you believe in

70. And how do you feel

With these ideas, you can now choose the model and register on your skin what you believe in. Whether it’s a drawing or a phrase, it will look amazing. Take a moment to get inspired with more pictures of tattoo of faith.

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