110 images of stylish and inspiring skull tattoos

It may sound macabre, but did you know that the skull tattoo encompasses numerous meanings, and many of them have nothing to do with death? Various beliefs often have this figure as a representation of overcoming, protection, even power and strength. There are also those who create their own meaning, filling the artwork with colors, references, and other very special personal ideas.

And if you want to mark your skin with a skull tattoo, get inspired by these 110 images below, with different sizes, styles and proposals:

1. this shaded skull fills the entire forearm

2. The skull tattoo on the hand is quite stylish, don’t you think?

3. The snake added even more power to the tattoo

4. This old school art looks really fun

5. The flower skull tattoo is very feminine

6. This one with reference to death can be an inspiration for us to enjoy every second of life

7. Have you ever thought about adding roses to your skull?

8. Or colorful bromeliads brightening up the simple skull tattoo

9. Half skull, half king star

10. His Majesty, the skull

11. Can you find the added brain and heart in this art?

12. A Mexican skull tattoo has a very traditional meaning

13. The skull and roses followed the outline of the female body

14. The black and gray skull tattoo is a classic

15. The design was given a special highlight with the red

16. See the whimsy of this composition of a girl holding a skull

17. What about this artwork that is beautifully shaped like a butterfly?

18. This minimalist design seems to carry numerous meanings

19. That stylish detail on the middle finger

20. Isn’t this mosaic different and creative?

21. Behind a mere tattoo, a science-related meaning

22. Looking at this cutie, you would never refer the tattoo to something macabre, would you?

23. A passion for gastronomy

24. See how this mandala made the tattoo even more beautiful

25. In the little finger, with heart eyes

26. A tribute to the immortal Marilyn Monroe

27. The tattoo of skull with roses still had a religious reference

28. Creatively, this skull has been “unraveling in color”.

29. And it is infested with beautiful flowers

30. Are they colored mushrooms?

31. Roses sprouting from the skull may be a symbology of the renaissance

32. “Remember”

33. A skull for each calf

34. For those who are not afraid to dare

35. There are also options for those who prefer something discreet and minimalist

36. A skull among frowns and flowers

37. The painting of this skull looks divine!

38. These devilish skulls are quite irreverent

39. This galaxy looks perfect, don’t you think?

40. Your skull will look great on your leg

41. Or even on the forearm

42. How about on the side of the buttocks?

43. Or on the thigh

44. This skull stamped on the surface of a shell

45. While this one is full of differentiated references

46. In this artwork the skull was present in the jar’s smoke

47. And here she was a mere detail among the flowers

48. Your skull can be funny

49. Sensual…

50. Or paying homage to an artist you like very much

51. What if she is half skull, half flower?

52. Are Mexican skulls a knockout or not?

53. Tattooing the neck shows a lot of attitude and style

54. This skull is crazy for a party

55. While this one receives the protection of a powerful snake

56. When the design matches perfectly with the thorns

57. The shading on this one is really nice, don’t you think?

58. A partnership tattoo

59. The Mexican skull is a great tribute to the dead we love

60. Check out the watercolor effect on the background of this tattoo

61. Simple, delicate and full of representations

62. The more colorful, the more fun

63. This arm all closed is beautiful

64. This red rose also looks like a symbolism of fire

65. This black and gray skull tattoo looks animal

66. Just like this one, which had more delicate strokes

67. In the genial shape of a lamp

68. This artwork featured elements that represent death

69. Your tattoo tribute will be more complete with a special date

70. The rose was given due prominence by the differentiation of colors

71. Romanticism has not been forgotten

72. This skull is literally well preserved

73. A skull-strawberry? Or a strawberry tree?

74. How cute is this little bow!

75. The whole side of the buttocks was properly filled in

76. Notice every detail of this artwork and fall in love

77. What about these burning eyes?

78. A Tribute to Valuable Time

79. A tattoo close to the heart

80. Here the rose took over

81. By the way, they offer more lightness to the idea

82. And your skull can look like this, in her little brain

83. Or gaining prominence in the center

84. The skull is the perfect complement to this art

85. For the finger, a skull and blue rose shape

86. The traditional old school tattoo is beautiful and timeless

87. Only the outline did the trick here

88. Just look closely and you will find the skull

89. The skull can even be confused with the petals

90. Near the elbow

91. This art seems to be for few friends

92. Sepia tones add charm to art

93. As well as drawings with outlines and pointillism

94. The designs can also merge together, as if they were one thing

95. A rather curious reflection, no?

96. The references included in this tattoo made it more feminine

97. When the design follows the shape of the shoulder

98. The Perfect Choice of Colors

99. The realism of this art is impressive

100. Any resemblance to the 3 little monkeys is mere coincidence

101. Doesn’t that look like a sailor’s tattoo?

102. An, shall we say, exuberant rose

103. See how it looks just like this

104. A skull and its profile

105. Realistic roses seem to pop out of the skin

106. In the middle of the back, discreetly

107. The difference may be in the coloration

108. Close to the wrist, on the forearm

109. Wrapped in petals

110. A skull loaded with personality

Do you already know what style of skull and tattoo ratio you want to get? Don’t forget to choose a trusted professional to make your art just the way you want it.

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