130 small tattoos to inspire you

Small tattoos are very successful and in demand for many reasons. Many people opt for a female tattoo There is no doubt that there are a few small ones when they decide to get their first tattoo – either because they are afraid of the needle, want something more discreet, or prefer a small design in a strategic location. See below for some beautiful and diverse ideas to inspire you:

Small tattoos for couples

There are several ways for a couple to show their love. Tattooing is an interesting option and can contain something that symbolizes the love or personality of the couple. Small tattoos are great, because they are discreet and it is possible to make a simple design that pleases both people. Check out some inspirations:

1. Getting a small tattoo to show your love can be a good idea

And symbologies like the heart or the idea of “Queen” and “King” can make the design more interesting.

2. You can record an important date for yourselves

Like the day they met, the first kiss or when they started dating.

3. Or a common passion

Do you love to drink wine together? This idea could be really cool!

4. Marking on the skin the desire to spend the rest of your life together

The infinity symbol is ideal for this.

5. Small couple tattoos can be very cute

If you love dogs, this is a very interesting, as well as cute, idea.

6. And they can symbolize something intimate to the couple, like your music

After all, almost every love story has a soundtrack.

7. You can show how much you complement each other

Other fun ideas are worthwhile as well.

8. You can also choose a design that both of you think is beautiful.

Some couples don’t need a specific meaning to get a tattoo together.

9. After all, every couple has their own personality and it’s cool to show

Surely, you will find a design that represents well your personality.

10. And you know that you are very lucky to have found each other

And nothing better than a four-leaf clover to demonstrate that.

11. You also know that you have to stay together

Like a puzzle you can’t complete unless you have all the pieces.

12. With the tattoo you can use a meaningful phrase for the couple

And let it remind you how much what you feel is reciprocated.

13. Often, only you know the meaning of the tattoo

Which makes it even more special and intimate.

14. The important thing is to show that you are part of a couple

You are good alone, but together you are even better, and a tattoo can express that.

15. And for that, it is important to choose a design that represents you

It is important that the design represents your love and personality.

Small tattoos with meaning

For those who believe that a tattoo should be more than just a pretty design, there are several symbols and designs that can represent aspects about you, your personality and trajectory. Check out some interesting meanings.

16. For those who love the sea and its freedom, the wave is a good option

The wave also signifies power, learning, and transformation.

17. A lotus flower is perfect to represent your spirituality

It also represents strength, the ability to get through difficulties and see the positive side of situations.

18. The triangle is full of meanings

It can symbolize fluidity, a triadic relationship (present, past, future; mind, body and spirit), creativity, proportion. The style and orientation of the triangle influence its meaning.

19. The swallow has meanings connected with loyalty

The bird symbolizes loyalty, love, and the desire to come home. On the other hand, it can also symbolize freedom and the desire to fulfill dreams.

20. The dandelion can mean good luck

Among other meanings are agility, flexibility, and freedom.

21. And the infinity symbol is very interesting to show your love

The symbol can be tattooed along with other elements, ideal for showing affection for someone special.

22. The Om is indicated for those who seek to represent their spirituality

The symbol represents different states of consciousness practiced by Indian culture. The states of consciousness are: waking (jagrat), dreaming (swapna), deep sleep (sushupti), transcendental state (turiya), and world of illusion (maya).

23. Anchor is synonymous with firmness

Besides security and conviction.

24. The diamond, on the other hand, represents transparency

Resistance and values can also be assigned as meanings for this tattoo.

25. The lunar cycle is interesting to symbolize the constant changes

It’s cool to always remind us of the inconstancy of life, in addition to the continuity of time.

26. Keys and locks symbolize an important lesson for life

These tattoos symbolize that whenever one door closes, another better one may open.

27. Arrows and arrows can have various meanings

The main meaning is protection and defense, but arrows and arrows can also point to which direction to go in life.

28. For Catholic women, the cross is one of the most requested options

The cross refers to Jesus Christ, being one of the major symbols of the Catholic religion, used to remember the passion of Christ and also symbolizes faith.

29. And for those who are into astrology, a constellation tattoo can be a very cool option

In the image we have the constellation of fish, but it is possible to make the constellation of the other signs of the zodiac. Besides other elements that refer to astrology and its sign.

Small written tattoos

Written tattoos are great for eternalizing that phrase or word that you like so much. You can tattoo a small excerpt from a song, a book, or even a word that you like the meaning of. It is also possible to tattoo significant dates, below we have selected some ideas.

30. “Don’t worry, be happy”

This one is for you who enjoy the moments without worries and love to enjoy life.

31. Still in the carefree living vibe:

“A great phrase for those who do and don’t overcharge themselves.

32. This one is to always remind yourself of your strength

The ideal phrase for you to remember and strengthen yourself in difficult times.

33. And this word has a beautiful meaning

“Resilience” means the ability to cope with change and obstacles.

34. Speaking of meaning, everyone has that one song that is very special

This is a rock classic, but you can tattoo the phrase of your favorite song.

35. If you have someone very special, you can get a tattoo to honor them

“Ohana” means family, and anyone who watched the classic Lilo & Stich knows that family means never to abandon or forget.

36. And speaking of never forgetting, this is one to remember on the hard days

“God does not give you dreams that you cannot achieve. Think positive, you will achieve. (:

37. Tattoos can be great messages of overcoming for yourself

This phrase is great for reminding yourself that everything is temporary and will pass.

38. Tattooing a word in the infinitive is a great idea

Other interesting options are also: forgive, smile, persist, dream, evolve, among others that have meaning for you.

39. How about a little humor?

“I’m limited edition.

40. You can tattoo an important date for you

The birth date of someone special or the date of some milestone event are some date tattoo options.

41. It is also possible to tattoo a date in Roman numerals

Roman numerals can be used to tattoo dates that are important to you.

42. And the date eternalized on the skin can be an important year

The important thing is to eternalize that moment that you want in some way.

Small tattoos on wrist

The wrist is a great place for a small tattoo, being one of the most requested locations. The location allows for such a wide variety of designs that it’s hard to choose! To help you out, here are some inspirations.

43. The wrist is a great place for small tattoos

It is one of the most requested places for small tattoos and allows for a multitude of designs.

44. Bracelet tattoos are a great choice for the location

Floral tattoos are very delicate.

45. And if you want delicacy, the wrist is ideal

Uncontoured tattoos are beautiful, colorful and very delicate.

46. It is possible to make a small tattoo on the wrist with a loved one

Do you know that special person? How about doing a tattoo with them?

47. Or even mark a special date

It could be the birthday of someone important, the date you met the love of your life, among others.

48. Do you like colorful tattoos? Check out these beautiful flowers:

Although the tattoo is small, it is possible to insert colors and some details. Charming!

49. And the lotus flower also looks perfect on the wrist

As we have seen, the lotus flower is full of meanings and looks great in this location.

50. In fact, any design looks great on this spot

Seriously, look at this bee what a cute thing!

51. The mandala sock is a great option

The mandala is great for representing your spirituality. And the half mandala looks great on the wrist.

52. Birds look great on the side of the wrist

Besides being a great idea for the wrist, birds have a pretty cool meaning: fluidity and freedom.

53. Even a very small tattoo looks great on the spot

Small and very charming.

54. A small detail that makes a lot of difference in your look

Almost imperceptible, but still a very nice detail.

55. And you can take advantage of this place to get tattoos together

You can do it with friends, sisters, family… Whoever you want.

56. The wrist is really a great place for small tattoos

And the best part is that you can see your tattoo whenever you want.

Small arm tattoos

Many people take advantage of the arm to get large, detailed tattoos, but there is nothing to stop you from getting a small tattoo there. The side and inside of the arms are great options for small designs and symbols. Check out some ideas.

57. The arm is also a great place for your small tattoo

The place allows you to unleash your creativity.

58. After all, there is plenty of room for tattooing on the arms

You can do the design on the side, on the inside, and on the outside.

59. This also makes it possible for you to have several small tattoos in the same place

Have you ever thought about closing your arm with several small tattoos? It’s a great idea.

60. The solar system can fit on your arm

As well as galaxies, constellations, and other elements of space.

61. How about making a nice tribute to your mother?

She will definitely love it!

62. Or a tribute to your father

He deserves it too!

63. “Fight like a girl”

And what about those bright colors? Too beautiful.

64. And who says that small tattoos can’t be full of details?

This realistic little lion and other small drawings can be rich in detail.

65. Several small tattoos together are charming

The arm is the ideal place to do a continuum of small tattoos.

66. You can engrave your pet on your arm

Your dog, cat, bird, rabbit or other pet will look beautiful on your arm.

67. Elements of nature are also a great idea

Leaves, flowers, trees and botanical elements in general are great ideas for small tattoos on the arm.

68. And the inside of the arm is the ideal place for those who want something discreet.

A simple, discreet and very beautiful idea for those who are fans of delicacy.

Small shoulder tattoos

A small tattoo on the shoulder is a nice detail in the look. Depending on the look, the tattoo will either show or not, which is a great advantage for those who want to hide it once in a while. Since it is out of sight, there is also no risk of getting sick of the tattoo. Check out our selection of ideas for this location.

69. The elephant is said to symbolize good luck

In addition, it is a beautiful design and great to be done on the shoulder.

70. Heart tattoos are in great demand and look great on the shoulder

This little detail makes your look full of love!

71. You can choose a design that you think is cute

And tattooing with a friend. Cool, right?

72. You can make a simple drawing

This idea is great for cat lovers.

73. Or even a more detailed drawing

Nothing stops small tattoos from having lots of details, you just have to find the right tattoo artist.

74. How about several small designs together?

Designs that imitate doodles are great for those who want something different.

75. Flowers look great on the shoulder

They impart a lot of delicacy, wherever they are.

76. And branches too!

Elements of nature are always a great option.

77. How about birds?

The shoulder is a great place to tattoo flying birds.

78. If you like chemistry this is a good option

For those who study or work with chemistry it is very interesting to tattoo a molecule. The option is also valid if you are just a sympathizer of the area.

79. You can opt for a realistic drawing

This butterfly is a great option, but you can do several other realistic designs.

80. And a tribute to your family will make them very happy.

If you love your parents very much, it might be interesting to honor them on your skin.

Small flower tattoos

Flowers are delicate and very feminine. Many of them have interesting meanings, besides being beautiful and making possible beautiful tattoos. Check out a little more about flowers and pictures to inspire you.

81. The rose is among the most loved flowers

The rose is a great symbol of love and beauty.

82. You can tattoo just the outline of the rose

This is a great option for those who like minimalist designs.

83. And you can also invest in a design full of colors and details

In this design the beauty of the rose is portrayed in its entirety.

84. Daisies are also a great choice

They symbolize youth, innocence, sensitivity, and peace.

85. Another interesting option is the sunflower

The sunflower is a flower that reminds us of happiness and vitality. It can also refer to the sun, as it follows its movement.

86. The colorful sunflower is an option full of life

The yellow helps to bring even more liveliness and joy to this design.

87. And you can mix phrases with flowers

The result is amazing.

88. How about using your wrist to make a beautiful flower bracelet?

Very delicate!

89. A sprig of lavender is very cute

Lavender signifies calm and love, it is often a flower used to represent family.

90. You can tattoo a word or phrase next to a flower

In this case the design chosen was that of an orchid, but you can choose the flower of your choice.

91. The tulip is a great choice

Tulips are solitary flowers and symbolize beauty.

92. How about tattooing just the petals of a flower?

You can tattoo one or more petals of a flower. With color or in black as in the inspiration.

Small animal tattoos

A small tattoo is ideal for showing affection and honoring your pet. You can also tattoo other animals that you like. See below some interesting and very cute ideas.

93. A small tattoo is ideal to eternalize your pet on your skin

The design can be quite realistic, which makes for a beautiful result.

94. After all, love for your pet deserves to be shown

How about showing people how special he is to you?

95. And you can get paw prints to symbolize your passion for animals

It’s a simple idea, but a very interesting one.

96. How about a portrait of you and your pet?

It’s worth finding a tattoo artist with your own style and taking a photo to be turned into a tattoo.

97. A geometric version is also worthwhile

You can represent your pet or even some animal you like.

98. And just the thin line outline is a great idea.

No secret, a simple and beautiful idea.

99. Want to eternalize all your pets?

We think this idea is great!

100. Birds are very welcome

Whether it’s your pets, animals you like, or the meaning.

101. Rabbits too

After all, they are very cute.

102. And what about this colorful little fox?

Among other meanings, the fox symbolizes feminine strength.

103. If you love marine animals…

This is a beautiful inspiration for you.

104. The important thing is to show your love for animals on your skin

And this is a great idea to show how attached you are to your pets.

Small geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos are those that use geometric shapes such as circle, rectangle, triangle, among others, to compose the designs. With this technique it is possible to create several designs and the result is incredible. They can also be adapted to small sizes, check it out.

105. Geometric designs can be very minimalist

The charm of this little boat is precisely its simplicity.

106. Or with more details

The geometric strokes also allow a huge diversity of combinations.

107. The important thing is that the design be your face

Whether with a tattoo full of meaning or just a design that you find beautiful.

108. A geometric heart can be a good idea

This is also an interesting idea for a couple’s tattoo.

109. Animals with strokes inspired by geometric shapes also look great

That bird is a delight!

110. You Can Eternalize Your Pet

Geometric design is a good option for this.

111. Your creativity rules.

The mixture of several drawing techniques gives a very different result.

112. Small geometric designs look great with words or phrases

Choose a word or phrase and add a small geometric design. The result is amazing.

113. The triangle is a symbol that can be made together

Since the symbol can represent a triadic relationship, it can be made in conjunction of three people, such as your family or friends.

114. A simple circle can be full of meaning

It has no beginning and no end, and can symbolize eternity. The design can also be made to represent the sun or the full moon.

115. Basically any drawing can be made with geometric shapes

Unleash your creativity to combine various figures.

116. And even though very small and simple, geometric tattoos are amazing

This small detail adds a lot of charm to your look.

Small watercolor tattoos

The watercolor tattoo style draws attention by the presence of vivid colors. The watercolor technique turns any simple design into a beautiful work of art on your body. Even if small, tattoos in this style make their presence felt. Check out some inspirations:

117. Notice how the technique brings more life to the drawing

Watercolor is the right bet for a small yet striking tattoo.

118. A simple design can be complemented with watercolor painting

Basically any design becomes even more amazing with this detail.

119. Watercolor gives fluidity to your tattoo

The technique brings movement to your drawing.

120. Light colors bring a lot of delicacy

If you are looking for delicacy, watercolor filling can be done in light colors.

121. The watercolor tattoo can also convey the idea of contrast

More marked strokes can appear in contrast to the watercolor fill, bringing balance. In this case, a great representation for the scale.

122. This technique is great for representing water

In this case, the fish sign symbol was very well represented.

123. Look how beautiful the watercolor looks on this drawing

The movement of water is really well represented with this painting.

124. And it is also possible to make a one-color watercolor

And your tattoo may or may not have other types of strokes besides watercolor.

125. A good idea is to use this kind of filler in written tattoos

Words or phrases can receive this beautiful complement, with one or more colors.

126. How about a tribute to your pet?

Watercolor also looks great on animal drawings.

127. Your passion for the sea can be very well represented

If you love the sea or it has a special meaning to you, this is a good idea for a watercolor tattoo.

128. After all, any drawing with fluidity looks very good in watercolor

There is no tattooing technique that represents fluidity as well as watercolor filling.

129. You can express your passion for dance

Ballerinas can mark this love forever on their skin.

130. And you can also have a little piece of the sea forever with you

Little shells are pretty cute, aren’t they?

Small tattoos are also stylish and make their presence felt. Regardless of the type of line or design you choose, your creativity and taste are the most important part of the process. With this selection full of amazing inspirations, it will be easy to make the right choice and rock!

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