20 curiosities you probably didn’t know about tattoos

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Although the tattoo divides opinions, it is impossible to ignore its popularization, how much it enchants women and men, of different ages and styles.

Among the female public, by the way, it is possible to say that the tattoo has been increasingly successful! There are women who opt for only one tattoo, more discreet and delicate… Others prefer big, colorful drawings… There are still those who can’t stop at the first one, getting three or more tattoos, for example.

Big, colorful, discreet… on the back of the neck, on the back, on the wrist… The possibilities are infinite! But the fact is that getting a tattoo demands certainty! After all, it is a definitive design. To do it with any kind of doubt, thinking about a future removal, is not indicated.

Now, if you are sure you want to get your first, second, third, or simply your next tattoo, you will love to know a little more about the tattoo universe!

1. In a tattoo you get 50 to 3,000 needles per minute

Photo: reproduction / Giphy

Photo: Reproduction / Giphy

Does it hurt? Some say they didn’t feel anything; some say they “suffered” at least a little bit.

2. Skin allergies can appear after days or even years

Unlike what most people think, not every allergic reaction appears immediately, right after the tattoo artist starts the tattoo.

3. Temporary tattoos can leave undesirable signs on the skin

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) has warned: black or blue henna tattoos may contain substances that cause problems for some people, such as blisters, burns, and even permanent scarring.

4. Getting a tattoo is not “always the same”

It’s not because the first time it didn’t hurt, that the second tattoo won’t hurt. The skill of the tattoo artist and the location of the tattoo can make a big difference.

5. Your tattoo ages with you. It may need to be touched up

Photo: Reproduction / Michele Mizi

Photo: Reproduction / Michele Mizi

As the years go by, your tattoo will probably have a more aged appearance. But that shouldn’t be a cause for concern for those who already have a tattoo or plan to get one. Tattoos can be touched up.

6. There are more women than men with tattoos

Photo: reproduction / Giphy

Photo: Reproduction / Giphy

This is what some research in Brazil and the United States has shown.

7. Tattooing is nothing new

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

Tattoos have, throughout history, been used for different purposes. They were for a long time “reserved” for men, but some women, like, for example Betty Broadbent, helped to break this “rule”…She had more than 350 tattoo designs in 1927. In wartime, tattoos were also used to carry secret messages into enemy areas.

8. Tattoos even have a commemorative date

Americans have made June 5 official as “National Tattoo Day”.

9. Lucky Diamond Rich is the most tattooed person in the world

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

He is known to have 100% of his body tattooed.

10. Butterflies and flowers are very popular designs

Photo: Reproduction / Giphy

Photo: Reproduction / Giphy

Phrases or words and proper names (from mom, dad, son, boyfriend) are also successful, especially among women.

11. It is possible to successfully remove a tattoo using laser

But this requires time and money. The treatment can last from 4 to 12 sessions on average.

12. Women resort to tattoo removal more than men

At least that’s what a survey released in the United States pointed out.

13. Colored tattoos are the most difficult to remove

Yellow and blue filled tattoos, for example, are usually more work.

14. Drinking before getting tattooed is not a good idea

This is because alcohol “thins” the blood, and can cause you to bleed more, making the healing process of the skin more difficult and probably the moment of tattooing more painful.

15. Today it is possible to tattoo almost anywhere on the body

Photo: Reproduction / Giphy

Photo: Reproduction / Giphy

Like eyes, eyelids, and even genitals. But, of course, all of this is not very suitable.

16. Tattooing is done on the dermis, so it doesn’t come off over time

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

There are three main layers in the skin: the epidermis (outermost, which renews itself); the dermis (intermediate, which does not renew itself); and the hypodermis (the deepest of all, does not renew itself).

17. Skull tattoos have existed since the times of great navigations and piracy

The greatest example is the pirate flag represented by a skull and two crossbones, a symbol first used by the pirate Calico Jack, and which became popular among pirates as a symbol that inspires danger, fear and death.

18. Removal can cost much more than the price of the tattoo and is a painful process

So tattoo only if you are sure you want to live with a tattoo for the rest of your life.

19. Most tattooed women in Brazil are between 19 and 25 years old

The 1st Tattoo Census of Brazil, done by Superinteressante magazine in 2013, showed that over 48% of tattooed women were in this age group.

20. Women tattoo more on their backs, feet, and nape of the neck

Men, on the other hand, tattoo more on their arms, calves, and shins, according to Brazil’s 1st Tattoo Census, conducted in 2013.

Now you know a little more about the tattoo universe! And if you are planning to get a tattoo soon, first remember that it will be permanent! Don’t get one if you are unsure about it. Removal may be possible, but it requires a good amount of time (sessions) and money.

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