50 travel tattoo pictures for those who are passionate about the road

Do you love traveling so much that you want to eternalize that passion and show it to everyone? If the answer is yes, the travel tattoo is perfect for you. You can either draw on your skin objects that remind you of adventure, such as suitcases and airplanes, or get a tattoo inspired by an unforgettable destination. Check out the ideas below and choose your favorite!

1. Getting a tattoo is always a great idea

2. Especially when it symbolizes something very important to you

3. So how about marking your love of travel on your skin?

4. The road tattoo represents the adventures of the road

5. It is also possible to think of a composition with several designs

6. Or get a tattoo inspired by trips you’ve been on

7. And in cities and countries that you remember fondly

8. Travel tattoo may come along with another passion

9. And represent that trip around the world that you really want to do

10. By the way, the world map is a recurring symbol in these tattoos

11. Just like the balloon, which refers to the desire to get lost out there…

12. You can even unite the two elements in one design

13. Like this beautiful idea. Incredible, isn’t it?

14. Let your imagination run wild and get a tattoo that looks just like you

15. Be it with a short sentence, but full of meaning and courage

16. Or with a word that expresses all your wanderlust

17. How about a suitcase tattoo on your arm?

18. This is a very chosen part of the body for tattoos

19. Whatever your style and your favorite elements are

20. This calf detail balloon is beautiful

21. But drawing the visa stamp on the skin is also a great idea

22. Do you have inspirations for colorful tattoo lovers? Of course you do!

23. Be enchanted by this union of world map and compass rose

24. There are also drawings of the classic balloon in color

25. What about this globe full of dashes and colors on the back? We want it now!

26. Airplanes are very common elements in these tattoos

27. After all, he is a symbol of the paths and routes

28. That take us to fascinating destinations

29. If you prefer a not so visible travel tattoo

30. You can choose strategic locations and smaller designs

31. Like this heart with airplane: minimalist and super cute

32. Or this inspiration full of delicacy and charm

33. But you can also make a bigger and more complete tattoo

34. To show off all your love for travel

35. And her desire to go on to new adventures

36. So many wonderful ideas for inspiration

37. That it is impossible not to fall in love with several of them

38. Look at this travel tattoo on her wrist, how sweet!

39. But the travel tattoo on the arm also looks perfect

40. Suitcase, photos and airplane have everything to do with the theme

41. You can combine several very symbolic items

42. Or tattoo a very small and discreet airplane

43. In the end, what matters is not the size of the tattoo

44. But all it means and symbolizes to you

45. Or the incredible and unforgettable memories she eternalizes

46. So, have we convinced you to go for this tattoo?

47. There is design inspiration for every taste

48. But, essentially, all travel tattoos have in common

49. They mark on their skin this great passion

50. And they leave you dying to explore new destinations.

These inspirations make any travel lover delighted and wishing for a new tattoo, agree? And to know how to take care of your tattoo in its different phases, check out tips and information about tattoo peeling!

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