White Tattoo: 65 ideas and tips for caring for that special tattoo

The white tattoo is a trend that is appearing more and more every day and draws attention for its incredible beauty. I bet you have already come across some inspiration of this tattoo on your feed, right?

The tattoo made with white ink has a unique beauty, extremely original and differentiated. It is constantly related to the evolution of methods and also generates controversy. Do you want to know if it is for you? Ask your main questions about this style of tattooing with specialist Rony Hall.

Doubts about white tattoo

The questions about white tattooing are as vast as the variety of them, but we’ve separated just a few for expert Rony Hall to help us with. Let’s go?

1. does white tattooing fade? White tattoo is prone to fading if it receives too much sunlight. So choose somewhere more hidden and always use sunscreen when exposing.

2. Can white tattoos turn yellowish? It runs the risk of turning yellowish depending on the tone of your skin. Tattooing is done on the epidermis, which is the second layer of skin. The darker your dermis (first layer of skin) is, the greater the risk of the tattoo not appearing or looking yellowish. This is true for white skin that is exposed to the sun after the white tattoo. It is also common for the scar to look yellowish or pinkish during the healing process, but don’t despair: it is common during this period and soon tends to disappear. For black skins, you can get the effect of the white tattoo with a brown ink, or closer to your skin tone.

3. Does white tattoo cover black ink? Unless your skin is extremely white, a white tattoo is not indicated to cover black. In most skin tones, white ink cannot completely cover black ink, and may look blotchy. In some cases, it can work to cover some details.

4. How is white tattooing done? According to Rony Hall, the white tattoo has a difference in the ink. White ink is a little thicker than black or colored ink. In addition, the tattoo artist must be careful with the decal of the drawing, he should not do it with pens that can alter or interfere with the color of the white ink because the tattoo can become smudged or lose its shine. It is essential that you choose a tattoo artist who is experienced in this type of tattooing.

5. How does white tattoo removal work? White ink has titanium dioxide, which is responsible for the white pigment. This substance, at the time of tattoo removal, can oxidize, causing a slight darkening of the area. This is not a serious process and can be corrected with other treatments, but it can make tattoo removal more difficult, taking longer than an ordinary tattoo.

The questions are important for us to understand about this type of tattoo. For those interested, the safety of the information always comes first.

Care with the white tattoo

Before you get your tattoo, the first essential care to be taken is the choice of the tattoo artist. The professional should be someone who is prepared for this tattoo, with the necessary materials and the right experience. Besides this, the care with the tattoo must be doubled, mainly during the healing phase. This way you guarantee a greater durability of the beauty and subtlety of your drawing.

Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible during healing, and after this process, always use the highest protection factor possible when spending long periods outside. The sun is your white tattoo’s greatest enemy, while constant care will be your best friend. This way, you ensure that your tattoo lasts longer and always looks beautiful.

65 white tattoo photos that show the subtlety and beauty of this tattoo

Now that you know all about white tattoos, it’s time to get inspired with these 65 amazing ideas. You’ll be amazed at the variety.

1. The white tattoo is already innovative, but how about also daring in the chosen location?

2. The white tattoo is perfect for that tattoo between friends

3. She is a gentle tattoo with a lot of charm and subtlety

4. You can make the most diverse names and words

5. And also bet on that almost imperceptible detail

6. This tattoo style is minimalist and aesthetic

7. Then you can opt for the most diverse ideas

8. From the simplest to the most elaborate

9. What about this little dinosaur?

1672253299 413 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that

Duky Tattoo

10. The white tattoo will embrace all your ideas

11. And you will want to dive headfirst into this creation

12. It is ideal to choose a small, minimalist design

13. Like a word or a little animal

14. But bigger ideas also look charming

1672253300 180 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that

Bernadett Budaiova

15. And even though they are big, they look subtle and charming

16. Regardless of size

17. White tattoo is a beautiful and discreet option

18. And for those who can’t have tattoos on display

19. The white tattoo is considered ideal

20. This is the main reason people go for this style

21. Many people say she is more painful

1672253300 147 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that

Suna Lisa

22. But don’t despair: it is only a theory

23. This may occur because the white ink is slightly thicker than the others

24. To ensure a unique and very uniform shade

25. But don’t worry about it!

1672253300 114 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that

Yury Lebed

26. White tattoo ideas are varied

27. As well as the parts of the body where you can make them

28. Just don’t forget to abuse the sunblock

1672253301 878 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that


29. For the sun is the greatest enemy of your white tattoo

30. Taking that care with sun exposure

31. You prolong the beauty of your white tattoo

32. And it ensures that she looks beautiful for much longer

33. Depending on your skin tone, the white tattoo may be lighter

34. Or in the right tone for you

1672253301 796 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that

Heather H

35. You can also tattoo phrases

36. Or combine the white tattoo with a dark ink background

37. The variety of options will delight the most creative

38. Even the simplest tattoos have a beauty without equal

39. Ideally, you should look for a qualified professional

1672253301 399 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that

Abbi Underwood

40. Even the simplest tattoos

41. To escape from stains and yellowing in your tattoo

42. And avoid regrets

43. The innovations of white tattooing are impressive

44. The mixed tattoo must also be done by a qualified professional

45. For the slightest wrong stroke can stain the white part

46. The tattoos with fine lines have a subtlety and an otherworldly charm

47. Thin strokes in white look extremely cute

1672253302 200 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that

Clover Tattoo

48. While the most striking strokes possess unparalleled power

49. Striking and subtle designs become works of art in this color

50. And they stand out even more with mixed tones

51. But regardless of the type of line and the design

52. The charm of the white tattoo is always present

53. Whether in a large tattoo

54. Or in a smaller, minimalist design

55. The beauty of this style will always stand out

56. Even though it’s a soft and subtle tattoo style

57. You can create unique and exceptional designs

58. For this style of tattoo accepts any idea

59. The white tattoo is becoming a fever and is rising in the trends

60. Looking at the inspirations, there is no doubt

61. And you only have to look at the models to understand

62. This style of tattoo has a different charm from the other models

1672253303 594 White Tattoo 65 ideas and tips for caring for that

Erika Harris

63. And it is extremely unique

64. Giving a touch of uniqueness and aesthetics to each design

65. Making even the most traditional people fall in love

The ideas are really charming and surprising, with no restrictions on shapes and sizes. Simply fascinating, isn’t it?

Now that all your doubts have been cleared up, the tattoo cares have been explained, and the ideas have been presented, you can go and get yours done. But always remember: choose a professional and reliable tattoo artist. The care of your skin should always come first!

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